Some latest news of our BJD Photography Contest

Some news of our BJD Photography Contest

a) In order to giving all participants enough time to make full preparation,we make a decision,you can submit your works during this period: June 1st 2014~June 25th 2014 (GMT+8)
b) If you want to share more photos with us,your photos will be uploaded to our galley,but only 1 photo per person can be submitted in the contest. The participants who shares more pictures with us will get a good discount when they place the new order,maybe 5%~8% off.

c) Please send your pictures to our email “ “.We will upload them to the poll page of our Contest. In order to guarantee the impartiality of the voting,your personal information will be a secret. Every participant will get a number which stand for your own works.

d) The poll page will be opened to you to vote during June 26 to June 30. Every participant can vote for three works. The total number will tell us who is the winner! It will be the exciting times.

e)The prize are the same as before.There will be some surprise!

Some important tips

a)Please pay more attention to the time. Don’t miss the time to submit your entry.

b)Please think carefully which picture will be submitted as your works, because once your picture is submitted,it can’t be changed.

c)Please cherish your vote, your vote means impotant to every participant.

Wish all of you good luck!

Looking forward to receive your works as soon as possible.


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