FAQ For How To Buy Items After EU implementing VAT New Policy

Dear friends,

This is Elma from BJD-SHOP.COM.

Since July 1st, 2021, EU has implemented new VAT policy. This policy has brought some influences for us, some customers from the member country of European Union asked us how to buy items in our store.

We have summarized the new policy and post it here, hope it will helpful for you.  If you need any help, don't hesitate to contact us when you want. Our email is elma-1987@hotmail.com


Q: Can I buy items as before?

A: If the item price is more than 150 euros, you buy items in our store as before.

Just can submit your order on our website or confirm your order details with us. We will send invoice or payment request to help you make payment. When the items arrive at your country, you need to pay for the tax, then the shipping company will bring your items to you soon.

    If the item price is less or equal 150 euros, you need to place your order in our AliExpress shop. Because AliExpress shop has IOSS number, it will help you process the customs clearance when the items arrive at your country. We have opened a shop on AliExpress for EU customers, we will tell you the link for the store after some listing being uploaded.


Q: Is the "item price" in your sheet include shipping fee?

A: No, item price don't include shipping fee. For example, if a doll costs 120 euros, shipping fee costs 40 euros, you have paid 160 euros, but the item price is only 120 euros.

If item price less than 150 euros, we need to provide IOSS number to the shipping company before shipping. We don't have our own IOSS, but our AliExpress has IOSS, so you can place your order in our AliExpress shop.


Q: Is there any other rules for the order whose item price is less than 150 euros? 

A: Yes, if you placed more than one orders in AliExpress shop, we can't pack them together. Because AliExpress don't accept pack some orders in one box. Each order should has its own box.

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