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Some skin color samples in 2020

Here are some skin color samples in our store. You can choose the skin color you like best for your doll.

If the color you like is not in this picture, you can contact us to check if we have the color you want. Because we have more than 40 different skin colors, but some color are similar, we provide some common skin color here.

If you need any help, you can send email to us : elma-1987@hotmail.com

2020 skin color samples

skin color2

skin color3

skin color4

2020 skin color samples-1

The skin colors of our doll

There are some customers wonder to know some details about our skin colors recently. So we post these real doll pictures on our blog to show the difference between these skin colors.


Firstly, we need to talk about the normal skin. Normal pink is the default normal skin. Normal pink seems like light pink.

Normal pink skin in the studio:


Normal pink skin in the natural light:


Normal skin have another option, it is normal yellow. This color is like the Volks Normal skin, so we usually call it V-normal.

Normal yellow in the studio:


Normal yellow skin in the natural light:


Secondly, white skin is the popular skin color in our store.

White skin in the studio:


White skin in the natural light:


Some customers like tan skin, the details of our tan skin is as below.

Tan skin in the studio:


Tan skin in the natural light:


We add a new color option for our dolls in 2015, it is the grey skin.

Grey skin in the studio:


Grey skin in the natural light:


Dark brown skin in the natural light:


Light blue skin in the natural light:

Light pink skin in the natural light:


Light yellow skin in the natural light:


If you need some more lovely skin colors, green and purple are available, but it is not very convenient to make dolls in these colors, if you need, pls contact us. (elma-1987@hotmail.com)AileenDoll-Limited-Lucy-Cathy-bjd-104.jpg

Red skin in the studio:


Black skin in the studio: