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The second promotion in our winter shopping festival—-Human version or Fantasy version

Hi everyone,

Our second promotion is coming!
The dolls as follow are in this promotion.

bjd winter shopping festival

1. You can get the human version dolls at a 10% off discount.

2. If you prefer the fantasy version,congratulations! You have a good chance:

Just add 10$ to the original price of the human version, you will get the doll go with all fantasy parts!!(PS: We will chage the total price for you after you placing your order.)

This promotion will be from Nov.18th to Nov.30th. Is this a good news for you?

Haha~~ Just place you order ASAP~ Maybe you can get the doll before Christmas!

The next promotion will be "Head Only and Body Parts" ,pls keep paying more attention on our website~



Free shipping or free make up ? —-More surprise in this winter shopping festival of BJD-shop

Free shipping or free make up ?

It is a question~

Hi everyone,

More good news for you~ 

Some dolls in our store will take part in the promotion "free shipping or free make up". You can choose the dolls which show in followed pics.  When you place your order, pls mark your option "free shipping" or "free make up", then we will change the price for you.

The promotion will be available from Nov.13rd to Nov.28th. Come on! Take part in this festival, you will win more than you think. Hope you all of you will get the doll you want at a good price!

PS:The next promotion will be "Fantasy version or Human version", from Nov.18th to Nov.30th. Customers who love fantasy version dolls will find some good items in this promotion.

More information is coming soon!






winter shopping festival in bjd-shop

Winter shopping festival in BJD-SHOP

Dear friend,
Good new for you!
Our Winter Shopping Festival has begun,
from November 11, 2014, to December 12, 2014, extends a warm welcome to our customers that want to purchase the doll in our stores. During this period, we will offer huge discounts and many gift for you.

1. More and more dolls will be our specials for you, you can find more different special day by day,  Maybe today he/she is the special, tomorrow he/she is not. So if you want to order the doll, pls cherish the chance you get.
PS: If you can't find the doll you want as specials zone, pls try to send a message to us in our blog, maybe you can get the chance to purchase the doll at a surprised discount.

2.Some dolls will be ordered as a Christmas gift during our shopping festival.We will send some extra gift as our Christmas to you, maybe cards,toys,something interesting.

3.Some doll has sleeping face, during this period, we will send the sleeping face as our gift for customers. If you want,pls contact us to check if the sleeping face is available.

More informations will be coming soon~
Hope all BJD fans have fun in our shopping festival!