Congratulations to our winners!

It is an enormously emotional moment. Voting ends,result comes out !

1.  First,congratulations to our winners and thanks very much to everyone who entered the contest. Your amazing works make our contest became wonderful. It is our honor to have your participation.

2. Second,we need to tell you some details of our voting.

One participants want to quit from our contest. Two participants have not voted yet.(We have contact them for at least 3 times.)

Besides, two important persons joined in our voting. They are Mr.Bruce Wu, the boss of our store. Frank Jiang, the boss of our factory. They are the sponsors of our contest. So we have 18 voters, it should be 54 votes. In fact,we only get 52 votes. The reason is one voter votes for only one entry. We have contacted him,but no more reply before deadline.

All the results are as follow.

1st place:  No.009  (8 votes)  

This is one participant from Facebook, not our customer,Her entry is exellent! Got the most votes.

2nd place: No.010  (7 votes)
3rd place: No.002   (5 votes)
4th place: No.018   (4 votes)
5th place: No.003   (3 votes)
6th place: No.005   (3 votes)
7th place: No.006   (3 votes)
8th place: No.007   (3 votes)
9th place: No.016   (3 votes)
10th place: No.001,008,011,014 (2 votes)

We add some positions for 10th place,because some participants get the same number of votes. Besides,when they get same votes,they will be ranked by the serial No. of their entries.

For the voting results,if anyone has any doubt of this results,pls let us know. We has made an excel sheet which can show everyone’s detailed voting. All the name of the voter be covered. Besides, we have the sreenshots of the email which can show the original voting of everyone. All these we did to give you a fair contest, because you deserve it!

Prizes are the same as we mentioned in our first news of contest.

3. Choice of the items from our store or Gift Card!

1st place – $180
2nd place – $100
3rd place – $ 80
4th-10th place – $20 per person

All the competitors (the top 10 finalists are included) take part in our contest will get a wig for free in your next order. You can choose any wig on our website,no matter what its price is ,you’ll get it for free~
Winners can choose the items or Gift Card in our store.
For example,if you win 180USD,you want buy another doll in our store, just place your order,the 180USD will be minus from your total price.
If you don’t want buy anything,you can send it to your friends and relatives,or you can sold it to other person as a Gift Card .Anyone can use your Gift Card,but we need the email confirmation from your own email address.
The email will be sent to our winners in 3 days. If you need any help or have any questions, please let me know. Always at your service!

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