FAQ for some important problems about shipping

Recently, some problems has happened after shipping. Besides, some questions about shipping make our customers confused. We think it's the time we should gather and answer these questions to make our customers know the details of shipping more clearly. Trust me, these are very helpful for you if you want to buy anything in our store~

1. Why don't you send the doll directly after the doll being completed? 

This question was asked by one customer. After her doll being completed, we tried to contact her about few times, but never get reply. After two months, she contacted us and asked this question.

Yes, we won't ship the doll out unless we confirm our customers will not on holiday or our customers can be contacted. Because many shipping companies have rules of delivery. If the package can not delivered as scheduled, the package will be returned or destroyed.  In the past four years, there are two packages be destroyed, two packages have been returned. They were huge lost for both the customers and us. So we will contact our customers first, when we receive their reply, we will ship the doll out. 

In the past four years, we sent the email to our customers before shipping.  Since last month, we have told our customers "Please keep in touch with us before you receiving your doll"  when they place their orders. We don't want to waste our customers' time nor money, so we gave this reminding. Keep in touch with us, it is very important~


2. I don't want to give my phone number to you, why you ask for this? Just ask the shipping company deliver the doll to my shipping address.

In fact, we don't want to ask you to provide any private information. But sometimes the customs in your country will contact you by phone call or message to ask you to process the customs clearance event. So we need to add the phone number on the invoice in case that they can contact you easily. 

3.  Why can't I track the package on website by the tracking number you gave me? Have you shipped it out?

When you get the tracking number, it means the package has been picked up by our shipping carrier. But here the shipping carrier don't means DHL or EMS or Fedex or other way you chose for your doll.

We don't send the doll to these companies by ourselves directely. We have a partner shipping carrier , the shipping carrier is a company which is the agency of dozens of shipping company. All our packages will be processed by this shipping carrier. They picked up the packages in our factory and transfer them to the spefcified shipping company you chose ,such as DHL, EMS, China Post, Armx and so on.  There are many detailed things they need to do, they need time to process. So we will tell our customers "you can track the doll in 24 or 48 hours". When you receive this message, pls be patient, your doll can be tracked soon~

Of course, there are some accidents. Heavy rains, typhoon, fog, these will cause the delaying of the shipping. If you meet these kind of problems, don't be nervous, everything will be handled. You can still get the doll after the bad weather.

4.  Why the shipping fee of my order is 0$ or other less shipping fee, but you charge me more shipping fee for my doll?

Somtimes, when our customers buy more than one dolls in a order,  the shipping fee shows somthing like this:

EMS Rates (The shipping rate cannot be determined at this time):$0.00 

Flat Rate (Contact us to get the accurate shipping fee please):$50.00

It is the shortage of our website, it cannot estimate the shipping fee when the doll's quantity you ordered is more than one. So we tell our customer in the "()", pls contact us to get the accurate shipping fee. We usually told our customers the accurate shipping fee once we seeing their orders,  when they agree the new shipping fee, we will send the payment request to them. We will not charge any extra fee on them without any reminding.

These are the important problems of shipping. Hope our answer will make things clearly for our customers. If you need any help, pls contact us by email. (elma-1987@hotmail.com)



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