FAQ about some important problems during shopping

Last week, we added a post about the important problems of shipping on our blog. Some customers read it and asked us to talk about some detailed problems they will meet when they are preparing to place an order. Below is a summary of the common problems during shopping. Hope these are helpful for you~

1. Is the makeup you did the same as the one in the offical pictures on your webpage?

    No. We only offer a similar makeup. The makeup we do will be 80% similar as the one in the offical pictures. If you are mind of it , pls don't choose makeup option. If you want to know how the similar makeup will be, you can ask us to provide some real doll pics before you placing your order. It is available.

2. Can you do customized makeup? Is there any extra fee for customized makeup?

   We can do customized makeup. But you need to send the detailed picutures of the makeup you want to us. We will tell you if we can do it or not. If we can do it, the makeup fee is the same as default makeup, no extra fee. If the makeup studio feel it is complicated, there will be some extra fee. We will tell you how much the accurate fee is. If the makeup studio think they can't do the makeup you want, we will tell you soon.

3. I want to add the body blushing for my doll, but there is no "body blushing" option for the doll I want to buy, how could I add it to my order?

    If the option you want is not on the doll's wedpage, you can contact us to ask how much the body blushing fee is. We will tell you and add this fee into the total price of your doll. 

4. I want to buy a head only to match the body I own, can you sell the head to me?

  You can buy a head if our customer service people tell you the head is available. But we need to tell you in advance, the head only can be used for practising make up. If you want to use it match the body you own, I'm afraid there will be some skin color difference between the head and the body.

   Maybe you have bought the body in our store, but the skin color even will not the same between two dolls in different batches. If you are not mind of the skin color difference, you can buy the head only or the body only in our store. 

5. I want to buy some body parts for my doll, such as the legs, it has been broken.

    You can buy the body parts in our store if your whloe doll was bought in our store. If it wasn't, you cannot buy the parts in our store. If it was, please tell us the order number of your whloe doll in our store. Our factory need this. Every doll has an order number, we can find that order by the number at once.

6. Can I buy the whloe set outfits on the offical pictures for my doll?

    Sorry, the outfits on the offical pictures are not available. We have uploaded some clothes and the wigs on our webiste, maybe you can find the one you want for your doll. If you don't like them, you can send some pics of the outfits you want to us, we will try to search them for your doll.

    Btw, the wigs and the clothes are the items of our partner factory. Sometimes, the size you want is not available, or the color you want is not available, but our website maybe not updated. Please contact us to check if you want to buy any wig or clothes in our store. We will reply to you soon!

7. Can you remove the seamlines of dark brown skin/ tan skin dolls?

   In fact, many tan skin dolls in our store has little seamlines. But dark brown has more seamlines than tan skin. PLEASE DO NOT SAND seamlines line and surface of head. If you sand them, it will come out a bit lighter. 

8. Is there any extra fee for ears piercing?

    We provides dolls ears Piercing service. Piercing service is for free. You must give us precise details- such as which side of ear. Once the ears pierced, there is no way to fill up the hole. Make sure of your mind before you order it. 
Be careful with the size and the weight of the earrings. The ears can break if you put too big/heavy earrings and it's not repairable.

9. Can I choose the color for the eyes you send to my doll?

    Sorry, if you buy the whloe doll, the eyes in random color are our gift for your doll. Our eye's color is not too many, so we will send the right size color eyes go with your doll. For the color, if you prefer any color and we have that color, we will give it to you. If not, the eyes will be in random color. Thank you for your understanding!

10. Can I do layaway?      

Usually, an order whose total price is more than 200$. You can do layaway for this order.

For layaway item we have some policies.  The deposit is 30% of the total price, rest part need to be paid before shipping. Layaway order can't be cancelled if the deposit has been confirmed. If you insist to cancel it. The deposit can't be refunded. Because BJD is customized item, every customer has different request of the skin color, makeup, body type and so on. We will not accept the cancelling without any reason. If you agree with these policies, you can do layaway for your doll.

11. How long should I complete the payment if I do layaway?    

This depends on your financial situation and the processing time of your doll. 

Some dolls don't need makeup may be completed in 10~15 days, but if you can't make payment in this short time, we can keep the doll for a while. Once you can complete the payment, we will ship your doll out. Btw, we'd like the waiting time is less than 2 months. We don't want to keep the layaway item for long time.

12. How can I make payment?

There are three ways to make payment in our store.

1) Paypal.  This is the most popular way in our store. It is convenient and safe.

2) Credit Card.  Some customers who has no Paypal account can use credit card to make payment.

3) Western Union. This is an option, but our customers don't like this way.

13. After adding the items in my shopping cart, how should I do to make payment by Paypal?

Firstly, you need to submit your order. Don't be afraid that you will be charged wrong price on our website directely. It will not happen. 

We will send an confirming email to confirm the total price and order details. If you have no doubt about your order, we will ask you provide your Paypal account to us, so that we can send the payment request to you. The Paypal account is an email address. A few customers don't want to provide this information, that's ok. We can send an invoice to help you com plete your payment. Both the two ways are available.

14. If I have some requests of the order, such as I need body blushing for the doll, but there is no option I can choose, what should I do?

You can leave a message to us when you place your order, then submit your order. Once we receiving your order, we will add the body blushing fee into your total price and send the confirmation to you by email. Once we confirming the order details and the total price with each other, we will send the payment request to you.

Don't be afraid that you will be charged wrong price on our website directely. It will not happen. We will not send the payment request to you unless the price be confirmed.

15. Can I cancel my order? Is there any fee for cancelling order?

      Usually, you can cancel your order before making payment.  You can tell us you need to cancel it, then we will cancel it. No need extra fee for cancelling.

      If you you have made payment for your order. It means your doll is in processing. We can't cancel an processing order because BJD is custom item. The skin color, makeup you chose maybe can't make other customers satisfied. It is difficult for us to sell it to others. If you want to cancel the doll without any reason, cancelling will be not available. If you have some special reason can make us accept, we will cancel your order and charge 30% of the total price as our cancelling fee. We don't want to do this, please make your decision carefully before you making payment .

16. Is there any extra fee not included in the total price I paid for my order?

      The total price includes the items you ordered and the shipping fee except  the CUSTOMS DUTY .

    Customs Duty is a tariff or tax imposed on goods when transported across international borders. Different countries have different rules on Customs Duty, besides, this is the tax which be imposed by your country not us. So it is not included in our price. We will not pay it for you.

      If the package be destroyed or returned for the reason that you don't want to pay for the Customs Duty, the money of your order will not be refund.

If you have any questions, please let me know. We will gather and answer more questions you want to know~ 

If you need any help, pls contact us by email. "elma1987@hotmail.com"


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