Our new Facebook account

About two or three years ago, we lost our Facebook password and couldn't get the account back anymore.

As time goes by, more and more customers and friends asked us come back to Facebook to share some real doll pictures and provide service there. 

Now, we are back !

This is our new facebook aacount: Penny Lee (http://facebook.com/pennylovesbjd)

Because we lost all our facebook friends on old account, now we need to add frineds back. There is a good news for all our customers. Customers from our store who add us as facebook friend will get a 10USD coupon, you can use this coupon in your next order. Only 100 customers can get this coupon, first come, first serve. By the way, the coupon can be used on dolls only. Wigs and clothes can't use this coupon.

We will keep sharing our real doll pictures and some vedios of assemble on facebook. Besides, some clearance items will be post on facebook. Maybe it will help you find the doll you want at a very amazing price~

Wish see you on our facebook page soon!laugh


we are back[1]

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