How to asseble the hands onto the body

Dear friend,

Recently,some dolls' hands were damaged during shipping. Although we has updated our packing case, we have marked "fragile" on every box,this condition hasn't been well managed. We will send the new hands to our customers whose doll's hands broken during shipping, but it make our customers have to wait. So we try to take the hands apart from the body and pack them carefully, the hands won't be broken any more.

But there is a new problem, our customer need assemble the hands by themselves,they have no idea about how to do this. Therefore, we attach some pics to show you how to assemble a hand. You can learn this tip step by step.

Hope these pics are helpful for all BJD fans. If you need any help, do not hesitate to contact us,our email is

Always at your service!

PS: If these pics make you confused, we will upload the video in the near future.





how to assemble



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