Makeup Show for the real dolls of BJD-SHOP (updated on Sep 3rd, 2020)

Hi everyone,

This is Elma. It's a long time that I have not updated the real doll pictures of the makeup.Because in 2020 our factory is too busy, I have no enough time to take some pictures of our doll.  I will keep sharing more real doll pics on our website, especially the real doll pics of the makeup.

We will attach both the pictures of original makeup and the picture of our real doll makeup in this post, you can compare them with each other. The first picture for each doll is original makeup, the others are our real doll pictures.

Our artist only provide a makeup which is 80% similar as the original one, NOT THE SAME.

AS HuaRong_5






dim Gayane_2

dimdoll dim gayane_1

dimdoll dim gayane_3

dimdoll dim gayane_2[1]

Miracle doll Vic_4

normal yellow vic_1

normal yellow vic_3

normal yellow vic_2

soom elf garion_4

grey skin garion_1

grey skin garion_2

grey skin garion_3

YID Oscar_1

yid oscar_1

yid oscar_2

yid oscar_3


fid claude_1

fid claude_3

fid claude_2

Soom Viod_2

soom void_1

soom void_3

soom void_2

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