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Here are some photos of our real dolls,make up.Hope these pics will be helpful for you when you want to place an order.

Customers from EU can place order in our AliExpress store

Dear friends,

This is Elma from BJD-SHOP.COM.

In last post, we have told customers from the European Union how to buy items in our store after the EU implementing VAT New Policy. Some EU customers have bought their dolls on our website and in our AliExpress store successfully.

But in this month, each shipping company has more rules for EU packages. We needs to provide the IOSS number or buyer's VAT number for every package before shipping . If we can't provide these information, the packages can't be shipped out. 

As you know, our website BJD-SHOP. COM don't have IOSS number, so we opened a store on AliExpress.

We hope our customers from EU can place your order in our AliExpress store. Because AliExpress store has two advantages.

1. AliExpress store has IOSS number, it can ship your items out without any problem.

2. Some EU countries can pay VAT when you place your order. You needn't pay for VAT again when the doll arrive at your area. It is very easy for you to processing custom clearance.

Maybe you have seen there is only few listing in our AliExpress store, but all the items which are available in BJD-SHOP can be sold in our AliExpress store. If the one you want is not in our AliExpress store, just check contact us to creat a listing for you. Our AliExpress store is We will upload more and more listing in this store.

BTW, we will update the price for our BJD-SHOP.COM, if you want to buy anything, you can check our website after Sep 10th, the price will be cheaper than now.

If you need any help, don't hesitate to contact us when you want. Our email is


FAQ For How To Buy Items After EU implementing VAT New Policy

Dear friends,

This is Elma from BJD-SHOP.COM.

Since July 1st, 2021, EU has implemented new VAT policy. This policy has brought some influences for us, some customers from the member country of European Union asked us how to buy items in our store.

We have summarized the new policy and post it here, hope it will helpful for you.  If you need any help, don't hesitate to contact us when you want. Our email is


Q: Can I buy items as before?

A: If the item price is more than 150 euros, you buy items in our store as before.

Just can submit your order on our website or confirm your order details with us. We will send invoice or payment request to help you make payment. When the items arrive at your country, you need to pay for the tax, then the shipping company will bring your items to you soon.

    If the item price is less or equal 150 euros, you need to place your order in our AliExpress shop. Because AliExpress shop has IOSS number, it will help you process the customs clearance when the items arrive at your country. We have opened a shop on AliExpress for EU customers, we will tell you the link for the store after some listing being uploaded.


Q: Is the "item price" in your sheet include shipping fee?

A: No, item price don't include shipping fee. For example, if a doll costs 120 euros, shipping fee costs 40 euros, you have paid 160 euros, but the item price is only 120 euros.

If item price less than 150 euros, we need to provide IOSS number to the shipping company before shipping. We don't have our own IOSS, but our AliExpress has IOSS, so you can place your order in our AliExpress shop.


Q: Is there any other rules for the order whose item price is less than 150 euros? 

A: Yes, if you placed more than one orders in AliExpress shop, we can't pack them together. Because AliExpress don't accept pack some orders in one box. Each order should has its own box.

FAQ for our sale

Dear friends,

This is Elma from BJD-SHOP.COM.

We will hold a big sale from July 1st to July 7th, maybe many customers have seen our post for this sale. Recently, some customers asked us some questions, I have sorted them out, hope these Q&A will be helpful for all of you. If you need any help, don't hesitate to contact us when you want. Our email is


Q: Which dolls can use the sale price in this sale?

A: All dolls are available in our sale, their sale price maybe not the same. 

    1.All human version items can use the sale prices in the following chart.


    2.HID size doll is big and heavy, its sale price is 168USD, same as 1/2 size doll. 

    3.Fantasy version doll's sale price= Human version sale price + Fantasy version extra fee.

      For example, Aloa is 1/6 size, human version sale price is 69USD, fantasy version extra fee is 40USD. So the fantasy version Aloa is 69+40=109USD



Q: What shipping ways do you provide? How long for their shipping time? 

A: Shipping time for each shipping way:
     1. DHL: 5~7 days (DHL has been delayed for 3 days at present, so the total shipping time is about 8~10 days)
     2. FedExIP: 5~8 days (FedEx has not been delayed at presnet)
     3. ePacket: 20~35 days. (maybe sooner)
     4. China Post: 25~40 days. (maybe sooner)


Q:How much for the shipping fee? 

A: Because of COVID-19, all shipping companies have raised their price. It very complicate to update the shipping fee one by one. If you want to calculate the shipping fee, you can send your zip code and country to us, our customer service will calculate the correct shipping fee for you. Our email is


Q: I saw the price on your website is not the sale price, how could I get the sale price when I place my order?

A: Just ignore the original price on our website, ask our customer service to update the total price for you after submitting your order on our website. Our website will not request money from you automatically, so don't worry your money will be transferred to us.


Q: How to check if the doll is new arrival or not?

A: Dolls which be uploaded after May 30th, 2021 are new arrivals. You can check our listing and find the date in the end of the item page.


Q: Shall I place order on our website or just confirm order details with you and ask you send me an invoice?

A: Both ways are available. We prefer you place your order on our website, because we will update the status for your order on our website, it is easier for you to check the status for your order.


Q: Can I do layaway in your store?

A: Sure! You need to pay 50% of the total price as the deposit in our sale, rest part need to be paid before shipping. The deposit can't be refunded if you insist to cancel the order after the doll being in processing. 


Q: Can I get any heads I want at the sale price?

A: 60% dolls' head can be sold separately in our store, please contact us to check if the head can be sold separately. 


Q: I have some special requests for my order, what should I  do when I place my order?

A: If you have any requests for your order, you can contact our customer service before placing your order. If our customer service tell you your request is available, then you can leave a message in the COMMENT BOX when you place your order.  Such as "I need a custom makeup for this doll", "I need choose 18yrs body for this doll, not his default body", and so on.


Q: Can I choose a custom makeup for my doll? Does the custom makeup have any extra fee?

A: You can choose custom makeup for your doll. The price is the SAME as default makeup, no more extra fee. But you need to send the picture of the makeup to us before placing your order. Because we need to ask our artist if she can do it or not.

Here is a poster which our makeup studio made for makeup service. Hope it will helpful for you.



Q: Can I choose a special skin color for my doll? Does the special color have any extra fee?

A: Our factory provide kinds of skin color for our doll, such as normal pink, white, tan, brown, grey, purple, green and so on. Normal and white has no extra fee, other color need to pay extra for the skin color.

Btw, dark skin colors have seamlines, we always sand them off, but there will be some skin color difference after sanding them off. If you are mind of this, you can ask us keep the seamlines.


If you need more help, you can contact us whenever you want by live chat or email. Both the two ways can get in touch with us quickly.




Rules for Makeup Service& Real Doll Pictures in BJD-SHOP

Hi everyone,

This is Elma from BJD-SHOP. Some new customers asked us something about our makeup service rules. Our makeup studio made a poster to answer the questions about makeup service. Hope it will be helpful for you.



Here are some real doll pics for you.

We will attach both the pictures of original makeup and the picture of our real doll makeup in this post, you can compare them with each other.

The first picture for each doll is original makeup, the others are our real doll pictures.

















AS HuaRong_5






dim Gayane_2

dimdoll dim gayane_1

dimdoll dim gayane_3

dimdoll dim gayane_2[1]

Miracle doll Vic_4

normal yellow vic_1

normal yellow vic_3

normal yellow vic_2

soom elf garion_4

grey skin garion_1

grey skin garion_2

grey skin garion_3

YID Oscar_1

yid oscar_1

yid oscar_2

yid oscar_3


fid claude_1

fid claude_3

fid claude_2

Soom Viod_2

soom void_1

soom void_3

soom void_2

Some skin color samples in 2020

Here are some skin color samples in our store. You can choose the skin color you like best for your doll.

If the color you like is not in this picture, you can contact us to check if we have the color you want. Because we have more than 40 different skin colors, but some color are similar, we provide some common skin color here.

If you need any help, you can send email to us :

2020 skin color samples

skin color2

skin color3

skin color4

2020 skin color samples-1

How to assemble the BJD arms on the body

Dear friend,

In the past three months, some dolls' hands and arms were damaged during shipping. The shipping agent told us because many flights were cancelled in these months ,there are too many packages are stored in their warehouse, which increased the risk for damage. Although we has updated our packing case, we have marked "fragile" on every box,the damage problem hasn't been well managed. We will send the new parts to our customers whose doll's be broken during shipping, but it takes long time to arrive. So we try to take some arms apart from the body and pack them carefully, then those parts won't be broken any more.

But there is a new problem, our customer need assemble the arm by themselves,they have no idea about how to do this. Therefore, we attach some pics to show you how to assemble them. You can learn this tip step by step.

Hope these pics are helpful for all BJD fans. If you need any help, do not hesitate to contact us,our email is

Always at your service!

PS: If these pics make you confused, we will upload the video in the near future.












Makeup Show for the real dolls of BJD-SHOP (updated on March 1st, 2020)

Hi everyone,

This is Elma. It's a long time that I have not updated the real doll pictures of the makeup.Because in 2019 our factory is too busy, I have no enough time to take some pictures of our doll.  I will keep sharing more real doll pics on our website, especially the real doll pics of the makeup.

We will attach both the pictures of original makeup and the picture of our real doll makeup in this post, you can compare them with each other. The first picture is original makeup, the others are our real doll pictures.

Our artist only provide a makeup which is 80% similar as the original one, NOT THE SAME.








































Anyone want to get one doll for free? Join our contest!

Hello everyone!
This is Elma from BJD-SHOP. I can’t help sharing a good news with all of you! 
We will hold a body blushing contest for a cute unicorn Lillian. In this contest, winner can get this doll for free!
This is Lillian doll.



I do like her at first sight, at that time an idea came in my mind. Different blushing must make her fabulous.The body blushing we did is not enough for me, I want to see more fantastic blushing for her. So I apply to our boss to hold this contest, hope everyone who love this doll and body blushing can enjoy yourself in this contest.

Here are the details of this contest.
1.    Everyone who buy this doll can take part in this contest.
2.    The participants in this contest can buy the unicorn Lillian blank doll at the price 60USD.
3.    The winner in this contest can get this doll (blank doll)for free, only shipping fee should be paid by yourself.
4.    The second place can get this doll at the price 20USD.
5.    The third place can get this doll at the price 40USD.
6.    Other customers who won’t  join this contest but want to buy this doll can get this doll at 75USD.
7.    All the price in this post is for the blank doll, makeup and body blushing are not included.
8.    Application period: 31st March to 14th April.
(If the number of the participants is less than 10, we will cancel this contest. Thank you for your understanding!)
9.    Contest period: 15th April to 15th May.

The way for voting is still pending. Anyone who has good idea can share with us.Our email is We just want to try our best to hold a fair contest.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Sincerely yours,

Some gifts for our customers

Today I found some crochet caps in our store.

My friend has made them during last Christmas. We have sent some of them to our customers as our Christmas gifts.

Some big caps are still here because no doll can wear them at that time. Today, I found Bambi's head match these caps well. So I decide to send these caps to our customers for free. Customers who buy Rosen Lied HOLIDAY`S CHILD doll such as "Bambi, Momo, Peanut, Pony, Shasha" and so on can get this gift.

 About 10 caps are in stock. They are not the same type. If you want, you can ask us send some pictures to you.

 First come, first serve.

Crochet cap-3

Crochet cap-2

Makeup Show for the real dolls of BJD-SHOP (updated on June 20th, 2018)

Hi everyone,

This is Elma. I will keep sharing more real doll pics on our website, especially the real doll pics of the makeup.

We will attach both the pictures of original makeup and the picture of our real doll makeup in this post, you can compare them with each other. The first picture is original makeup, the others are our real doll pictures.

Our artist only provide a makeup which is 80% similar as the original one, NOT THE SAME.